Paintball for 8 to 11 year olds at Gunsmoke Paintball Layer Marney Colchester Essex CO5 9FH
07790 143118

Play Paintball

We recently introduced paintball for younger players (8 to 11 year olds with parental consent and with an adult in attendance on site) at Gunsmoke Paintball in Layer Marney, Colchester, Essex.  We have a 31 acre paintball site with a purpose built indoor heated safe area with kitchen facilities, making it a great venue for your paintball birthday party.

Gunsmoke Paintball Splatmaster Kids

Games take place on a variety of different types of field ranging from woodland requiring tactical thinking to fast paced barricade fields with plenty of cover.  On each session you would play band of brothers – where the team with the most armbands wins, Supply Drop – where you need to capture the fuel drums in the woods, Silo Team Deathmatch – on our silo field annihinlate the opposition, and Duel – the team that gets the most time on the buzzer wins!

To book your session you will need a minimum 10 players (maximum 20 players), parental consent and of course an adult will need to be in attendance on site.  Simply call Julie on 07790 143118 or email or alternatively use our contact form.